A unit of measurement in Brazil to quantify and price translation services. However, to be in line with international standards, it is also possible to price translation services per word.

According to Brazilian Decree #13.609, sworn/certified translations are valid and accepted throughout Brazil. International countries have their own laws and regulations regarding the acceptance of translations. However, sworn/certified translations accompanied by the corresponding original with the proper Apostille are generally accepted.

Yes. However, the sworn/certified translator will add a note stating that, upon verbal request of the interested party, the translation was made from a copy. Some agencies do not accept translations made from copies, regardless of the note added by the translator. Therefore, it is always safe to consult the agency to which your document and translation are mean to be submitted

Whether for a quote or translation, you can send your document by e-mail, by mail or courier, or deliver it in person at our offices. In the case of a sworn/certified translation, however, you must deliver the original in person, or send it by courier, before the translation is complete. Otherwise, your translation will be complete with the note that, upon verbal request of the interested party, the translation was made from an electronic file or copy. Please know also that, to establish a link between the original document and the translation, the original must bear the translator's stamp and translation number. Originals are not needed to complete non-certified/free translations.

A document of up to 15 laudas is usually translated in one (1) business day, which may vary depending on language pair, wording complexity and other document specs. If you need to know the exact date and time your translation will be delivered, please request a quote.

If you have other questions, please contact us by e-mail at traducao@associates.com.br.