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Language Associates was organized in 2003, in São Paulo, Brazil, by highly qualified professionals engaged in translating medical, chemical-pharmaceutical, legal and financial documents. Over the years, Language Associates has been referred to as a renowned translation company, serving clients in Brazil and abroad, whose testimonials attest to the quality of our translations.


Sworn/Certified Translation

Documents written in a language other than Brazilian Portuguese are only accepted by universities, banks, courts, notary offices, registers of commerce, health surveillance agencies, and other public or private institutions in Brazil, if accompanied by the corresponding Apostille and translation made and signed by a sworn/certified translator (tradutor juramentado), whose signature must be notarized, unless the translation is digitally signed. To establish a link between the original document and the translation, the original must bear the translator's stamp and translation number.

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Technical/Free translation

Technical translation, also known as non-certified or free translation (tradução simples) is the rendition of a document wording from one language to another by a duly qualified translator, not necessarily a sworn/certified translator, and without the formalities of a sworn/certified translation This type of translation is used for documents that are not to be submitted to universities, notary offices, courts, registers of commerce, health surveillance agencies, and other public or private institutions in Brazil.

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The Hague Apostille, or The Hague Convention Apostille , is a certification of the authenticity of an original document, written in Portuguese or a foreign language. Your original document will only be valid in Brazil or in any signatory country to the convention with an Apostille and the sworn/certified translation thereof Click here to learn what countries are signatories to the convention.

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